Sneak Peak 


Just a plan of study...

Are you a newcomer?

This is the highway.

Are you already a dancer?

This is your solidity.

Are you a social dancer?

This is your liberty.

Are you an experienced dancer?

This is your safety.

Are you a competitor?

This is your impeccability. 

Are you a professional dancer?

This is your mastery.

Are you a performer?

This is your artistry.

Are you becoming a teacher?

This is the pathway.

Are you already a teacher?

This is your credibility.

Are you a long-standing instructor?

This is your efficacity.

If you don't know who you are,

This is your discovery...your sanity.

Message from the Author of the First

Authentic Argentine Tango Syllabus


 1,792  Video Clips

450 Figures

4 Dances

3 Levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold

Tango, Vals,

Milonga, Pecho

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“And, I had the consciousness of different eternities for the man and the woman.”

 About Maestro Ive Simard

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