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Just a plan of study...

Are you a newcomer?

This is the highway.

Are you already a dancer?

This is your solidity.

Are you a social dancer?

This is your liberty.

Are you an experienced dancer?

This is your safety.

Are you a competitor?

This is your impeccability. 

Are you a professional dancer?

This is your mastery.

Are you a performer?

This is your artistry.

Are you becoming a teacher?

This is the pathway.

Are you already a teacher?

This is your credibility.

Are you a long-standing instructor?

This is your efficacity.

If you don't know who you are,

This is your discovery...your sanity.

Message from the Author of the First

Authentic Argentine Tango Syllabus


3 Levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold

4 Dances

Tango, Vals, Milonga, Pecho


“And, I had the consciousness of different eternities for the man and the woman.”

 About Maestro Ive Simard