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• Habanera y Cigüeña (Habanera & Stork) - A variation of Contra Vuelta in Gold Pecho. The Habanera is a side together side together stepping action entered with a side Chassé, commonly used by the man as he leads backward Ochos for the woman in crossed feet.

• Hamaca - Another term for Cunita.

• Hamaquita (Small Hammock) - A variation of Media Vuelta in Gold Pecho.

• Hebilla (Buckle) - A variation of Básica Cruzado in Silver Milonga. A Milonga Basica Cruzado where the man crosses the foot either in front or behind to add some styling to take one step to the woman’s two steps to move into and out of the cross system.

• Hesitación (Hesitation) - A variation Básica Cruzado in Silver Tango and Básico Academico in Silver Pecho.

• Horquillas (Hairpins) - A variation of Aguja in Silver Vals.

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