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• Zancada Inversa (Reverse Stride) - A variation of Sacada Inversa in Gold Tango.

• Zapatazo (Shoe taps) - A dancer taps their own shoes together. See Adorno, Amague, Caminada, Caminar, Carpa, Castigada, Chiche, Contrapaso, Cross System, Cuartas, Cuatro, Cucharita, Dibujo, Elevadas, Entrada, Entregarme, Fanfarron, Firulete, Frappé, Gancho, Golpes,Junta,Latigo, Lento, Liso, Marcar,Otra Vez, Parallel System, Paso, Patada, Pausa, Picados, Pisar, Puente, Punteo,Ronde, Sacada, Salida, Saltito, Sandwiche, Sanguchito, Seguir, Stork, Suave, Truco, and Zapatazo.

• Zarandeo (Shaking) - A vigorous shake to and fro; a swing; a push to and fro; to strut about: In tango, it is the swinging back and forth, pivoting in place on one foot, marked to the woman in time with the music.

• Zig-Zag - (Zig -Zag) A swivel on one foot toe turn out,1/2 turn or less, left or right, follow by a swivel on the other foot toe turn out, 1/2 turn or less right or left, depending on which foot you began with.

• Zurdo y Diestro (Left & Right Handed) - A variation of Ocho Atrás in Silver Tango.

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