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• Improvisational - Music and Dance Term. Relating to or characterized by spontaneous performance, especially in music or drama. Compared with Choreographed, where the figures are developed, memorized and then performed by the dancers. Improvisational dance is developed “on the fly” and in real-time. Hence, a most challenging, and fun, part of dance - developing an improvisational routine in real-time that is exciting for the woman and audience, and has the artistry of musicality. See Beat, Compás, Improvisational, Lead, Legato, Musicality, Ostinato, Phrase, Ritmo, Rubato, Staccato and Syncopation.

• Inclinado (Slanted) - A variation of Mordida in Gold Pecho. See Carpa, Puente.

• Intercambio (Exchange) - A variation of Aguja in Silver Vals.

• Interrupción (Interruption) - A variation of Giro Básico in Gold Pecho.

• Intrusión Inversa (Reverse Intrusion) - A variation of Contra Intrusión in Gold Vals.

• Izquierda – (Left - the opposite of right). See Derecha, Adelante, Al Costado, and Atrás.

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